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標題: 22 個風景攝影錯誤 (免費電子書) [打印本頁]

作者: East    時間: 20-5-2015 12:25     標題: 22 個風景攝影錯誤 (免費電子書)

22 Landscape Photography Mistakes

And How To Avoid Them

When we experience a place, the smells, sounds, warmth in the air, the beauty of our surroundings, and our emotions all combine to give us an overall impression. Then, when we make a photograph, we are sometimes disappointed when everything we felt didn’t come through in the image.

What went wrong?

There are many problems we run into along the way that can prevent our overall impression of a scene from shining through in the final image.

In this eBook, I show you the most common traps to expect, and how you can avoid them, so you’ll start making images with more impact.

Best of all, this eBook is completely free, so grab your copy below and start making better images today. 

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